SALSA - Scalable Adaptive Large Structures Analysis

Sep 11, 2018, 3:30 PM
Conference Hall

Conference Hall

Sectional reports 8. High performance computing, CPU architectures, GPU, FPGA 8. High performance computing, CPU architectures, GPU, FPGA


Martin Vala (JINR)


Data environments are growing exponentially and the complexity of data analysis is becoming critical issue. The goal of SALSA project is to provide tools to make connection between human and computer to understand and learn from each other. Analysis of different parameters in N-dimensional space should be made easy and intuitive. Task distribution system has to be adaptive to the enviroment where analysis is done and has provide easy access and interactivity to the user. SALSA contains distribution network system that can constructed at level of clusters, nodes, processes and threads and will be able to build any tree strucure. User interface is implemented as web service that can connect to SALSA network and distribute tasks to workers. Web application is using latest web techonlogies like ReacJS, WebSockets to provide interactivity and dynamism. JavaScript ROOT (JSROOT) package is used as analysis interface. EOS storage support with JSROOT is included to provide prossibility to browse files and view results on web browser. Users can create, delete, start and stop tasks. The web application has several templates for different types of user tasks that makes it possible to quickly create new task and submit it to the SALSA network.

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Branislav Beke (SPSEKE, Kosice, Slovakia) Fedor Matej (SPSEKE, Kosice, Slovakia) Mr Yurii Butenko (JINR)

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