Section 1.
Experimental study of properties of atomic nuclei
  • Neutron-rich nuclei of lightest elements;
  • Nuclei far from stability valley;
  • Synthesis of superheavy elements;
  • Giant resonances;
  • Multiphonon and multi-quasiparticle states of nuclei;
  • High-spin and superdeformed states of nuclei;
  • Beta decays of nuclei.
Section 2.
Experimental study of mechanisms of nuclear reactions
  • Reactions with beams of radioactive nuclei;
  • Reactions with polarized particles;
  • Reactions with heavy ions;
  • Fusion and fission of nuclei;
  • Multifragmentation of nuclei;
  • Reactions with neutrons and ultracold neutrons;
  • Reactions induced by elementary particles.
Section 3.
Theory of atomic nucleus and fundamental interactions
  • Nuclear many-body problem;
  • Microscopic description of collective degrees of freedom and their interaction with single-particle degrees of freedom;
  • Theory of systems with small number of particles;
  • Nonlinear nuclear dynamics;
  • Meson and quark degrees of freedom in nuclei, mesoatoms;
  • Hypernuclei and other exotic systems;
  • Double beta decay and neutrino mass problem;
  • Interaction of nucleus with atomic shell electrons;
  • Verification of theories of elementary particle interaction and conservation laws;
  • Nuclear and particle physics applied to astrophysical objects.
Section 4.
Theory of nuclear reactions
  • Theory of direct and statistical nuclear reactions, theory of multiple scattering;
  • Theory of reactions involving clusters and heavy ions;
  • Theory of relativistic nuclear collisions;
  • Theory of polarization phenomena in nuclear reactions;
  • Theory of proton, two-proton, cluster radioactivity and fission of nuclei.
Section 5.
Application of nuclear physics methods in related fields of science and technology
  • Prospects for development of nuclear medicine;
  • Nuclear physics research methods in field of nanophysics and nanotechnology;
  • Radiation technologies for micro- and nanoelectronics and production of new materials;
  • Problems of radiation reliability and radiation resistance of microelectronics products and spacecraft systems.