The conference will be held in Dubna, Russia, 1–5 July 2019.

Dubna is a small quiet town located to the north of Moscow on the picturesque banks of the Volga River.

There are convenient railway and bus routes from Moscow to Dubna.

Schedule of trains and buses from Moscow to Dubna
The conference will take place in the Congress Center which is part of the Dubna Special Economic Zone.
The exact address of the Conference venue is
4 Programmistov St., Dubna.
More information in English is available here
in Russian

Taxi in Dubna

The Organizing Committee will provide shuttles between the Hotel "Dubna" (8 Vekslera St.) and the Congress Center.
On July 1, a shuttle will depart from the Hotel "Dubna" at 08.45.
The complete schedule of shuttles will be announced separately.

You must have your passport with you to enter the Congress Center.