Accommodation is organized at the hotel "Dubna".
Address: 8 Vekslera St., Dubna, Moscow Region, 141980 Russia.
Booking is performed by the Organizing Committee according to the requests of participants.

Prices (breakfast is included)
Category Price, ₽
Three-room apartment 7000
Two-room apartment 5830
Single-room (first class) 3140
Single-room (standard) 2780
Single-room (combined in block with a double-room, shared shower) 1730
Double-room (combined in a block with a single-room, shared shower) 1430 (per bed)
Block (single and double rooms) 4590
The contact person to arrange accommodation is
Ms. Olga Korotchik
Phone number: 7 49621 65457
Please send her your full name (and your accompanying person’s, if any), check-in and check-out dates.
Other hotels can be booked by participants themselves.