Conference GRID'2020 postponed until July 2021!

In connection with the situation, it was decided to postpone until 

the first week of July 2021

The International Conference "Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education" will be held at the Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR).

Conference Topics:

  1. Distributed computing systems – technologies; architectures; models; operation and optimization; middleware and services.
  2. Research infrastructure – networking; computing centre infrastructure; facility integration of heterogeneous resources; monitoring; decision support and management tools.
  3. Computing for MegaScience Projects (LHC, NICA, FAIR, SKA, PIC, XFEL,ELI, etc.)
  4. Distributed computing applications – in science; in education; in industry and business.
  5. HPC – supercomputers; CPU architectures; GPU; FPGA; HPC applications.
  6. Data Management, Organisation and Access – databases; distributed storage systems; Datalakes.
  7. Virtualization – cloud computing; virtual machines; container technologies.
  8. Quantum information processing – Quantum machine learning; Quantum computing for HEP; Quantum communication; Quantum internet; Simulation of quantum information processing.
  9. Big data Analytics and Machine learning.

Conference languages - Russian and English.

Address:   141980, Russia, Moscow region, Dubna, Joliot Curie Street, 6
Phone:      (7 496 21) 64019, 63012