First Announcement


The 9th International Conference "Distributed Computing and Grid Technologies in Science and Education" (GRID'2021)
5 – 9 July, 2021
Dubna, Russia

The International Conference "Distributed Computing and Grid Technologies in Science and Education" will be held in the Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies (MLIT) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) on 5 – 9 July 2021 in a mixed format.

The forthcoming conference will be the ninth one organized by the JINR Laboratory of Information Technologies starting from 2004 and is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the foundation of the Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies at JINR. 

Since the conference GRID 2004, distributed computing and grid technologies have gone far beyond the academic interest. At present, these technologies allow federated computing centers around the world to provide resources to highly distributed user communities. Modern technologies require the development of high-performance and high-throughput computing. The coverage of these activities encompasses not only various fields of natural sciences, but also business and industry. Over the last years, the implemented distributed computing model has enabled the solution of a wide range of tasks, involving the processing of an enormous amount of data.

The previous GRID conference ( was attended by more than 250 scientists from research centres of Belarus, Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA. Russia was represented by participants from more than 30 universities and scientific research centres. The conference was organized in ten sections, where the issues related to the development of grid technologies, heterogeneous computing, volunteer computing, cloud computing and Big Data analytics were discussed. In addition, during the conference, a school for young scientists, postgraduates and students was organized, where tutorials on heterogeneous and cloud computing were conducted.
The Conference Proceedings are available online at (CEUR Workshop Proceedings (, Vol-2267, ISSN: 1613-0073).

The main purpose of the Conference is to discuss the current Grid operation and the future role of distributed and cloud computing, HPC, Big Data, etc. in Russia and worldwide. The Conference provides a platform for discussing fresh results and establishing contacts for closer cooperation in the future.

Conference topics:

  1. Distributed Computing Systems – technologies; architectures; models; operation and optimization; middleware and services.
  2. Research Infrastructure – networking; computing centre infrastructure; facility integration of heterogeneous resources; monitoring; decision support and management tools.
  3. Computing for MegaScience Projects (LHC, NICA, FAIR, SKA, PIC, XFEL,
    ELI, etc.)
  4. Distributed Computing Applications – in science; in education; in industry and business.
  5. HPC – supercomputers; CPU architectures; GPU; FPGA; HPC applications.
  6. Data Management, Organisation and Access – databases; distributed storage systems; Datalakes.
  7. Virtualization – cloud computing; virtual machines; container technologies.
  8. Quantum information processing – Quantum machine learning; Quantum computing for HEP; Quantum communication; Quantum internet; Simulation of quantum information processing. 
  9. Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

The programme of the Conference comprises plenary reports in English (30 min) and sectional reports (15 min).

Conference languages – English and Russian.


The information about registration, abstract submission and conference fee will be given in the second announcement.