Deep Learning Application for Image Enhancement

Jul 5, 2021, 4:00 PM
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Sectional reports 9. Big data Analytics and Machine learning Big data Analytics and Machine learning.


Ahmed Elaraby (South Valley University, Egypt)


Recently, deep learning has obtained a central position toward our daily life automation and delivered considerable improvements as compared to traditional algorithms of machine learning. Enhancing of image quality is a fundamental image processing task and. A high-quality image is always expected in several tasks of vision, and degradations like noise, blur, and low-resolution, are required to be removed. The deep techniques approaches can significantly and substantially boost performance compared with classical ones. One of the main research areas where deep learning can make a major impact is imaging. This work presents a survey of deep learning on image enhancement and describes its potential for future research.

Primary authors

Ahmed Elaraby (South Valley University, Egypt) Mr Ismail Elansary (Modern Academy for Computer Science and Management Technology, Cairo, Egypt) Mr Andrey Nechaevskiy (JINR)

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