July 13, 2020 to September 30, 2020
Europe/Warsaw timezone

TeFeNICA '20

TeFeNICA 2020 - Team for the Future of NICA

It's a new project started as a collaboration of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna (Russia) and Warsaw University of Technology.

Team for the future of NICA is a program of few months long internship. Program is dedicated for students of both bachelor/engineering studies (3 months long practice ) and Master's degree studies (6 months - 1-year program). All students interested in the NICA project are invited to participate. You can register for the program all-year round by email tefenica@jinr.ru or for the summer program here.  

At the end of the practice
each Student will prepare a final presentation, which will be the basis of his / her lecture during the seminar in one of its final days. Lecture preparation is a requirement to finish the practice. The language of instruction during the seminar is English.

Practically every day of the Internship 
we start with a lecture. The aim of those lectures is to introduce participants to the issues we deal with at the JINR within the topic of the Engineering Support sector.  A complementary goal is to organize and consolidate this knowledge and to provide students with a minimum of engineering and technical knowledge, including health and safety regulations.

Interns will take part in several scientific excursions,
planned within JINR Laboratories. These trips should allow students to acquire a knowledge of the research capabilities of the Institute as well as applied solutions and technologies.  Interns will gain practical knowledge of what are major research projects in high energy physics.

Students will take part in several trips around Russia.
It is planned to include trip to Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation. We plan to visit there, among others, Red Square and the Kremlin. Other trips are also planned, usually as weekend activities combining sightseeing with the integration of the group. Traditionally, in the program for groups from Poland, there is a trip to Tver and Miednoje, as places of mass executions of Poles (officers, intelligentsia, and officials) captured in September 1939, then murdered in Tver and buried in Miednoje. 

More details here.

This year TeFeNICA will be done in a remote mode. The basis for our activity in this form is the ordinance of J. M. Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology (quote or link). The organizers hope that other universities will do the same, allowing this form of an internship.

Participant of TeFeNICA 2020 Internship, pass them by fulfilling the following algorithm, and agree to the following conditions:

1. Registration on the site https://indico.jinr.ru/event/1135/

2. TeFeNICA2020 internships are held in the form of online meetings, conducted in the whole Group of Participants for common themes and in thematic groups led by the topic manager.

3. The organizer proposes individual or group topics (max. Three people), which, after the announcement on the TeFeNICA2020 Practice website, can be chosen by the Participants and accepted by the Practice Manager.

4. The participant performs the task assigned to him in the period of 2.5 months, ie from 13-07-2020 to 30-09-2020.

5. Completion of work is notified to the Internship Manager by the Individual Subject Supervisor and is the basis for starting the crediting procedure.

6. Conditions for passing TeFeNICA Internships:

a) Joining the seminar at least once a week for a group meeting and participating in each meeting proposed by the Supervisor.

b) Performing a task related to TeFeNICA Practice, given by the Supervisor and accepted by the Participant.

c) Participant's active attendance during the final seminar, usually a 15-minute presentation in English.

d) Participant's active attendance in the teleconference "Experiment Control System TeFeNICA 2020", during which the Participant presents results of the TeFeNICA 2020 Practices.

e) Preparation of publication thematically related to the Practice, published in the magazine indicated by the Organizer (usually it is APPB).

f) In addition, the Internship Organizer will propose an engineering or master’s degree thesis topic related to the NICA Project, which Practice Participant may undertake to perform and defend in its affiliate institution (Faculty, University from which it was delegated)