Plenary and Invited talks

1. Solution of promlems on magnetic gas dynamics by means of high-performance computing systems (Prof. CHETVERUSHKIN, Boris)

2. Fractional stochastic field theory (Dr. HONKONEN, Juha)

3. Petrov-Galerkin Finite Element Method for Fractional Advection-Dispersion Equations (Prof. LAZAROV, Raytcho)

4. On the Load Balancing Problem (Prof. SEMANIŠIN, Gabriel)

5. Disentangling complexity in Bayesian automatic adaptive quadrature
(Prof. ADAM, Gheorghe; Dr. ADAM, Sanda)

6. A new orbital free simulation method based on the density functional theory (Prof. ZAVODINSKY, Victor)

7. An attempt to build a smart real-time system for heavy element research: approaches, mathematical objects, algorithms, equations. (Mr. TSYGANOV, Yury)

8. Multiscale Multilevel Approach to Solution of Nanotechnology Problems (Prof. POLYAKOV, Sergey)    

9. Contemporary Problems of Numerical Modeling of Unique Structures, Buildings and Complexes (Prof. BELOSTOTSKY, Alexander)    
10. Matematical modeling of resonant processes in confined geometry of atomic and atom-ion traps (Prof. MELEZHIK, Vladimir)

11. Strange particles reconstruction by the missing mass method (Prof. KISEL, IvanMr. KISEL, PavelDr. ZYZAK, MaksymDr. VASSILIEV, IouriProf. SENGER, Peter)   

12. Shape Approximation Based on Higher-Degree Polynomials (DIKUSAR, Nikolay)

13. Generalized Techniques in Numerical Integration (Prof. SAFOUHI, Hassan)          

14. Dynamical and Thermodynamic Electronic Properties of DNA (Prof. LAKHNO, Victor)

15. Kinetic, Monte-Carlo and Multiparticle Models of the Processes in Photosynthetic Membrane (Prof. RIZNICHENKO, Galina)

16. Precise Frequency-Pattern Analysis Reveals the Functional Structure of Complex Systems (Prof. USTININ, Mikhail)

17. Machine learning and complex networks for precision and systems biomedicine (Dr. CANNISTRACI, Carlo)

18. Quantum dynamics of a hole migration through DNA. (Dr. SHIRMOVSKY, Sergey)

19. Monte Carlo simulation of early biological damage induced by ionizing radiation at the DNA scale: overview of the Geant4-DNA project (Dr. INCERTI, Sebastien)

20. Advanced computing in radiation biophysics (Dr. BELOV, Oleg)     

21. Multiscale simulations of targets for pharmacological relevance (Prof. CARLONI, Paolo)     

22. Dynamics of quantum correlations in bipartite Gaussian open quantum systems (Prof. ISAR, Aurelian)

23. Partial analytical integration of stiff nonlinear Cosserat partial differential equations and its application to simulation of slender structures (Prof. GERDT, Vladimir)

24. New Possibilities and Applications of the Method of Collocations and the Least Residuals (Prof. SHAPEEV, Vasily)

25. Modeling Quantum Behavior in the Framework of Permutation Groups (Dr. KORNYAK, Vladimir)

26. Quantum correlations in bipartite systems (Prof. FEL'DMAN, Edward)

27. Usage Power Geometry and Normal Form Methods in simulation of degenerated nonlinear ODEs study (Dr. EDNERAL, Victor)

28. Higher-order partial differential equations for
description of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam and the Kontorova-Frenkel models (Prof. KUDRYASHOV, Nikolay)