Contribution List

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Prof. Victor Matveev (JINR)
7/3/17, 9:00 AM
Prof. Vladimir Voevodin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Research Computing Center)
7/3/17, 10:00 AM
Mr Alexander Kryanev (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research), Mr David Udumyan (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, University of Miami), Mr Leonid SEVASTYANOV (PFUR), Mr Victor Ivanov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)
7/3/17, 1:30 PM
We consider a problem of extrapolating functions of several variables. It is assumed that the values of the function of m variables are given at a finite number of points in some domain D of the m-dimensional space. It is required to restore the value of the function at the points outside the domain D. To solve the extrapolation problem, we propose a scheme which is based on a metric analysis...
Oleg Belov (LRB JINR)
7/4/17, 9:30 AM
7/7/17, 5:00 PM