Numerical methods for the prediction and optimization of the cryosurgery operations


Mr Kirill Shilnikov (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)


In this talk we consider the problem of planning and optimization of the cutaneous cryosurgery operations. The method of the additional heating and freezing elements mounting is studied as an approach to optimize the cellular necrosis front propagation. Mathematical modeling is used for the effectiveness improvement of the method under consideration. An explicit scheme based on the finite volume approximation of phase averaged Pennes bioheat transfer model is applied . The flux relaxation method is used for the stability improvement of scheme.

Primary author

Prof. Nikolay Kudryashov (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)


Mr Ilya Gaiur (National Research Nuclear Univesity MEPhI) Mr Kirill Shilnikov (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI) Mr Mark Kochanov (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)

Presentation materials