Accommodation in Dubna will be organized in the hotel "Dubna". Hotel will be booked by the organizing committee according to the requests of participants.
"Dubna", Building 1
Vekslera str. 8, 141980 Dubna, Moscow region
Tel. +7(49621) 621-25
Fax +7(49621) 658-90

The prices could be changed
CategorySpecial prices (Roubles)
Two-room apartment (standard)6300
Two-room apartment (economy class)4700
Single-room (standard)3420
Single-room(combined in block with a double-room, shared shower)1880
Double-room (combined in a block with a single-room, shared shower)1590 (per bed)
Three-room apartment (for two person)7240

Breakfast included



Other hotels can be booked by the participants themselves: