Сonference partners

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is an international intergovernmental organization. JINR is situated in Dubna city, the Moscow Region, the Russian Federation. JINR a world famous scientific centre that is a unique example of integration of fundamental theoretical and experimental research with development and application of the cutting edge technology and university education. The rating of JINR in the world scientific community is very high.

JINR has at present 16 Member States: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cuba, Arab Republic of Egypt, Georgia, Kazakhstan, D. P. Republic of Korea, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. Participation of Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Republic of South Africa and Serbia in JINR activities is based on bilateral agreements signed on the governmental level. The Supreme governing body of JINR is the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the governments of all 16 Member States. 



RSC Group

RSC Group is the leading Russian developer and integrator of comprehensive innovative energy-efficient solutions with high density, high scalability and liquid cooling for High-Performance Computing, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Data Centers, Edge Computing and Intelligent Storage-on-Demand systems. RSC is well known in the world. We help our customers to design and create unique scientific and industrial HPC solutions for computing and big data processing, we develop and build compact and reliable systems, we make the computing system world a beautiful place matching customer's objectives. Look at our products, solutions and results of our work.




System integrator Platformix has been operating on the Russian IT market since 1992 and is a subsidiary of Basic Solutions group of companies. Today, Platformix is one of the largest system integrators in Russia. The company specializes in replicable solutions for corporate information infrastructures.

Platformix employees’ high qualifications and rich experience allow to carry out projects involving the implementation of a full life cycle of work, including auditing existing infrastructure, developing and piloting solutions, implementing solutions and supporting them, and providing training and user adaptation.

System integrator Platformix system integrator specializes in standard approaches to creating, protecting and developing IT infrastructure, and offers customers proven solutions to IT problems that provide transparency at planning, implementation, and return on investment stages. The system integrator’s key areas of activity are computing platforms and data storage systems, data networks, multimedia and communication systems, engineering systems, infrastructure software, information security, the industrial Internet of things and digital corporate spaces.

Platformix actively cooperates with all IT equipment manufacturers and software developers, offering solutions that meet customer requirements for functionality, performance, fault tolerance and scalability, taking into account the need to ensure sanctions independence, comply with import substitution requirements and increase business resilience.

More than 2500 companies from various industries are regular customers of Platformix.



ITCost инфраструктурный системный интегратор, специализирующийся на поставках серверов, систем хранения данных и сетевого оборудования лучших мировых производителей: Dell, HPE, Lenovo, NetApp, Cisco.
Сервисные центры расположены по всей России.  Для клиентов оказывается сервисная поддержка серверного и сетевого оборудования  ITC Pro Support!