Cloud Meta-Scheduler for Dynamic VM Reallocation

Sep 13, 2018, 2:15 PM


Sectional reports 6. Cloud computing, Virtualization 6. Cloud computing, Virtualization


Mr Nikita Balashov (JINR)


Clouds gave us a more flexible way of sharing computing resources between users and combine computation-intensive workloads with other types of workloads. Due to the variety of workloads in such environments and to their dynamic nature, the hosts are often underloaded. In this talk we give a review of an approach to improve hardware utilization in IaaS clouds through dynamic reallocation of VMs (enabled by live-migration technology) and overcommitment. The software framework presented would allow one to use it as a meta-scheduler with the built-in simple algorithms for optimizing cloud workloads distribution or to implement custom schemes of dynamic reallocation and consolidation of virtual machines.

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