Dubna is a small scientific town, 130 km north of Moscow, on the bank of the Volga river (see http://www.dubna.ru). There is a direct train and bus connection to Moscow.



Dubna is a host of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, an international research organization involving more than 20 countries (see http://www.jinr.ru). The institute activity embraces high-energy, nuclear and condensed matter physics.



As an international recognition of JINR achievements, the element number 105 of the Periodic Table is called Dubnium. For many years JINR and Laboratory of Theoretical Physics were headed by the celebrated scientist N.N. Bogoliubov.

In Dubna the Second-largest monument to V.I. Lenin is situated (The First-largest is at Lenin Volga–Don Shipping Canal). The monument is found in 1937 close to  Ivankovskaya hydro-electric-power statyin at Moscow Canal. Sculptor — S.D. Merkurov. Whole height — 37 meters (figure height — 22 m, weight — 450 ton). The monument is on one of the picturesque place in our town surrounded by water: Moscow sea, Moscow Canal, Volga river.