• Genome universe
  • Regulation of mutation rate
  • Protein variability and its regulation
  • Environmental impact on the genome and epigenetic inheritance
  • Human genetics
  • Site-directed mutagenesis

  • Genetics and epigenetics of radiation-induced genome instability
  • Non-targeted radiation effects
  • Radiation effects on biological molecules
  • Space radiobiology
  • Nuclear medicine

Radiation ecology
  • Characteristics of natural and anthropogenic radiation
  • Radiation effect on populations and ecosystems
  • Degradation of species community and formation of species
  • Influence of environment conditions on radiation effects
  • Epidemiology of radiation

  • Self-organization and basic laws of evolution
  • Origin of life
  • Evolution of the genomic universe
  • Evolution of viruses
  • Evolution of ethological structure of populations
  • Human evolution