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Dedicated to Jan Drake                                          

Section "Genetics" will present the laws underlying the dynamics of the genome and protein variability. Environmental effects on the genome and epigenetic inheritance will be discussed. Applied directions of modern genetics will be presented in reports on human genetics and gene editing in humans and plants.

Lectures (video):

  • Koonin Eugene V.  The genome universe (NCBI, USA)
  • Chernoff Yuri O.  Environmental stress and protein-based inheritance (Georgia Inst of Technology, USA; SPb St. University)
  • Khlestkina Elena K.  Site-directed mutagenesis (N.I.Vavilov Institute of Plant Genetic Resources)
  • Nizhnikov Anton A.  Amyloid proteins of plants (VIR St Petersburg, Russia)
  • Rajewsky Klaus.  Timofeeff-Ressovsky’s voice: from childhood memories to work on gene targeting (MDC, Berlin-Buch, Germany)
  • Bader Michael.  Generation of novel disease models using CRISPR/Cas9 mediated gene editing in rats (MDC, Berlin-Buch, Germany)
  • Zinzen Robert P.  The emergence of cell types in the Drosophila nervous system (MDC Berlin-Buch)
  • Sakanyan Vehary.  Allosteric degraders in the fight against cancer (University of Nantes, France)
  • Mosse Irma B. et al.  Determination of epigenetic markers of human psychoemotional status (Inst. Genetics & Cytology NASB, Minsk, Belarus)

Nikolay Timofeeff-Ressovsky. 1930s

  • N.K. Koltsov. Early 1930s Institute. for Experimental Biology.
  • E.A. Timofeeva-Ressovskaya, N.w. Timofeeff-Ressovsky. 1927. Passport photo.
  • Max Delbruck. Early 1932. The Kaiser Wilhelm Inst. for Medical Research.
  • N.W. Timofeeff-Ressovsky, H. Muller, C. D. Darlington. 1939 VII Int. Genetic Congress, Edinburgh