Sights of Armenia


Matenadaran named after Mesrop Mashtots

Matenadaran was founded in the 5th century in Echmiadzin as a repository of manuscripts at the residence of the Supreme Patriarch of Armenia. It is the world's largest repository of manuscripts. Currently, Matenadaran has become a research institute, and the museum is open here. In the museum you can see exhibitions dedicated to medieval culture and science, Eastern religion and medicine, ancient manuscripts. In the virtual room you can watch the films about research works in Matenadaran.
Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall

The architectural project of the Concert hall building was presented by the architect Alexander Tamanian. Currently, the Yerevan Opera House occupies half of the structure conceived by Tamanian, and in the other half is the Concert Hall named after Aram Khachaturian. In front of the concert hall is the monument to Aram Khachaturian, (author - Yuri Petrosian), opened on June 6, 1999 to the composer's birthday. The poster of the concert hall named after Aram Khachaturian is presented here.
House museum of Minas Avetisyan

  Avetisyan Minas Karapetovich (1928-1975) - Armenian painter, graphic artist, theater artist, honored artist of Armenia. Minas was born in the village of Dzhadzhur. In 1915 there was a massacre during which several thousand people were killed; he often heard eyewitness accounts. All his paintings convey to us this deep sadness. The fate of the artist himself was also tragic: most of his paintings burned down in 1972, he died three years later. The paintings of Minas are kept in the Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan, the Tretyakov Gallery, and the House Museum of Minas Avetisyan in Dzhadzhur
Martiros Sarian House-Museum

The museum's collection includes paintings, documents and personal belongings of the founder of the modern Armenian school of painting Martiros Sarian (1880-1972). The basis of the collection was 50 works donated by Sarian himself. At present, the museum fund has 247 items. The main areas of museum activity are collecting, exhibitions, and publishing. The museum was founded by order of the government of the Armenian SSR in 1967 during the artist's lifetime. The museum building consists of a two-story house where the artist lived and worked in 1932-1972 (architect Alexander Tamanyan) and a three-story gallery (architect Mark Grigoryan).
Yerevan Brandy Factory Ararat

The famous winemaker Vasily Tairov advised his cousin Nerses Tairyants to create a wine production in Erivan. In 1877, Tairyants built the first alcohol production - “Winery and Vodka Factory”. The first classical Armenian cognac made according to the Charente method (double distillation) appeared in 1887. In 1899, Tairyants sold his business to Russian industrialist Nikolai Shustov. This legendary product was created by Mkrtich Musikyants, who for many years was the manager of the plant. In 1922 Ararat wine and brandy trust was formed. In 1998, the Yerevan “ArArAt” Brandy Factory became part of the “Pernod Ricard” international group.

The main architectural monument in Etchmiadzin is the Cathedral - the oldest Christian church in Armenia, one of the first in the entire Christian world. The residence of the Patriarch - Catholicos of all Armenians is located in the courtyard of the Etchmiadzin Monastery. On the territory of the monastery complex is the Theological Academy of St. Etchmiadzin. In Etchmiadzin there are three ancient temples erected in honor of the martyrs - the first Christians: St. Hripsime, St. Gayane and St. Shoghakat.
Sevan (all the day)

  Sevan - is an alpine lake in Armenia, one of the largest lakes in the Caucasus, located in a mountain bowl at an altitude of almost 2 km above sea level. The lake appeared several millennia ago because of volcanic processes in the Geghama Mountains. Today, Sevan National Park with several reserves and wildlife sanctuaries has been created here, and the lake itself is surrounded by numerous mineral springs. The area of Sevan is 1240 square kilometers; the depth is up to 100 meters. 28 rivers flow into it and the Hrazdan River flows out.