Helmholtz International Summer School "Hadron Structure, Hadronic Matter, and Lattice QCD"

BLTP JINR, Dubna, Russia

BLTP JINR, Dubna, Russia

141980 Joiliot-Curie 6, Dubna, Russia
Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz (BLTP JINR), Olaf Kaczmarek (Uni. Bielefeld), Oleg Teryaev (BLTP JINR)
The Helmholtz International Summer School "Hadron Structure and Hadronic Matter, and Lattice QCD" organized by the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR in the framework of the program DIAS-TH will be held in Dubna, Russia, from August 20 to September 2, 2017.

The preliminary program of the school includes the following topics:

  • Hadron structure
  • Hadron spectroscopy
  • Introduction to lattice gauge theory
  • Non-zero temperature and baryon number density
  • Chiral perturbation theory
  • External field and vorticity effects
  • Non-QCD applications of lattice gauge theory
  • Holographic QCD
  • Heavy ion physics
The total number of participants is expected to be about 50.

PhD or master students and young postdocs are invited to apply for participation. The application should include C.V., list of publications, and two reference letters.

The deadline for submitting applications is extended till July 9 , 2017 for those who need the Russian visa . For the others the registration is open till August 1, 2017 .  The list of accepted participants will be announced after July 23, 2017. 

The recommended arrival day is August 20, 2017, the departure day is September 2, 2017.

Participants are encouraged to prepare a poster about their recent work or PhD thesis project.

There is no registration fee. There is limited number of travel grants. The request for support is to be expressed upon registration.

  • Adrien Florio
  • Aleksei Shipilov
  • Aleksei Zinchenko
  • Alexander Karl Rothkopf
  • Alexander Lehmann
  • Alexander Sorin
  • Alexandra Firesen
  • Alexandre Filippov
  • Anastasia Golubtsova
  • Anastasia Martynova
  • Anthony Sebastian Francis
  • Anton Karpishkov
  • Chitta Ranjan Das
  • Daria Prokhorova
  • David Blaschke
  • David Frenklakh
  • Diana Seitova
  • Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz
  • Felix Andreas Ziesché
  • Garima Punetha
  • Georgy Prokhorov
  • Gert Aarts
  • Gábor Balassa
  • HengTong DING
  • Ilnur Gabdrakhmanov
  • Ilya Kudrov
  • Irina Aref'eva
  • Irina Pirozhenko
  • Kristina Rannu
  • Lukas Mazur
  • Maria Paola Lombardo
  • Masayuki Wakayama
  • Mikhail Lukashov
  • Minati Biswal
  • Mugdha Sarkar
  • Narinder Kumar
  • Olaf Kaczmarek
  • Oleg Teryaev
  • Olga Korotchik
  • Olga Sukhareva
  • Pandiat Saumia
  • Pavel Buividovich
  • Pavel Slepov
  • Petr Tretiakov
  • Philipp Arifulov
  • Pok Man Lo
  • Protick Mohanta
  • Roman Zhokhov
  • Ruslan Abramchuk
  • Semen Valgushev
  • Shahin Mamedov
  • Tanmay Maji
  • Victor Braguta
  • Vitaly Bornyakov
  • Vyacheslav Zhuravlev
  • Willian Serenone
  • Xiaodan Wang
  • Yaroslav Klopot
  • yu zhang