8-13 August 2022
Europe/Moscow timezone

List of Talks

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Name Title of talk
Lev Astrakhantsev Non-abelian fermionic T-duality in supergravity
Ilya Bakhmatov 3-vector deformations of d=11 supergravity
Alexander Belavin

Spectral Flow construction of N=2 Superconformal orbifolds (Tables)

Alexander Belavin Correlation functions in minimal Liouville gravity and Matrix Models
Ioseph Buchbinder Harmonic superfield approach to one- and two-loop divergences in 6D SYM theories
Alexander Burinskii Kerr-Newman black hole as an elementary particle and ring string
Dmitri Bykov Sigma models as Gross-Neveu models
Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo Dynamical breaking of symmetries beyond the standard model and supergeometry
Vladimir Dobrev Invariant Differential Operators: Latest Developments (online)
Anastasia Golubtsova Holographic Wilson loops in N=4 SYM on R х S3 at finite
Vyacheslav Gritzaenko Presymplectic structures and intrinsic Lagrangians for massive fields
Nikolai Gromov The hypothesis on the contraction of the gauge group of the Standard Model and the LHC experimental data
Kirill Gubarev Generalizing 11d supergravity
Dmitry Kaparulin Chiral effects in classical spinning gas
Mikhail Katanaev Global conformal gauge in string theory
Nikita Kolganov Hidden symmetry of instantonic Schwinger-Keldysh path integral
Nikolay Kozyrev Schwarzians with extended supersymmetry
Nugzar Makhaldiani P-adic nature of vacuum energy and cosmological constant
Boris Merzlikin One-loop divergences in the six-dimensional N=(1,0) hypermultiplet self-coupling model
Ruben Mkrtchyan Refined Chern-Simons/topological string duality for classical gauge groups
Andrey Mudrov Singular vectors of Verma modules
Edvard Musaev Non-abelian dualities in string and M-theory
Konstantin Osetrin Wave models of Shapovalov spacetimes type III
Mikhail Pavlov Example of the 4-pt non-vacuum W3 ​classical block
Ivanhoe Pestov Complete General Relativity
Dmitry Ponomarev Invariant traces of the flat space chiral higher-spin algebra as scattering amplitudes
Ekaterina Pozdeeva Polynomial modifications of Starobinsky model (online talk)
Alexander Provorov Split Casimir operator for simple Lie algebras, solutions of Yang-Baxter equations and Vogel parameters
Alexander Reshetnyak Cubic Interacting Vertices for unconstrained Integer Higher Spin Fields
Leandro Roza Livramento False vacuum Skyrmions revisited
Pavel Saponov Quantum Matrix Capelli Identities
Gor Sarkissian Supersymmetric Racah-Wigner symbols
Armen Sergeev Topological phases in solid state physics
Alexey Silantyev Quantum Representation Theory and Manin matrices
Alexander Silenko Poincare group and operators of position and spin
Andrei Smilga Weak supersymmetry and superconformal index
Timofei Snegirev On cubic interactions of irreducible massless higher spin fields within BRST approach
Konstantin Stepanyantz The higher covariant derivative regularization for various supersymmetric theories
Vladimir Stukopin SuperYangians and Quantum Loop Superalgebras
Alexander Tarusov On the variational principle in the unfolded dynamics (online talk)
Valeriy Tolstoy Relationship between AdS5 and dS5 (N=1)-supersymmetries via cliffonic dressing
Mikhail Vasiliev Spin-locality in Higher-Spin Theory (online talk)
Sergey Vernov Cosmological solutions of integrable F(R) gravity models (online talk)
Nikita Zaigraev N=2 higher spin theory in harmonic superspace
Yurii Zinoviev On massive higher spin interactions in d=3
George Zoupanos Reducing the 10-dim, N=1, E8 gauge theory over a modified flag manifold (online talk)